Why Invest In Made To Measure Shoes?

Although not for everyone, made to measure shoes are a small extravagance that can make a whole world of difference to you. Admittedly, made to measure shoes will very rarely be cheaper than a pre-made, off the shelf pair of shoes however the benefits that they offer are priceless. Made to measure shoes are created for you, to your specific requirements, with your design input, with the materials that you want and are made to fit your exact foot shape. They are made EXACTLY how you want them and because they’re made to order, you’ll typically find they are much sturdier and more robust than the standard ‘off the shelf’ variety. But, again, many people can find the cost too prohibitive so why should you consider investing in a pair of made to measure shoes?

Superior Build Quality

First things first, when you make the decision to invest your hard-earned money into a pair of made to measure shoes, you’re not just investing in the shoes themselves. You’re investing in yourself, in the comfort of your feet and in your chosen shoemaker. Because made to measures shoes are made to order, you know that you’re buying a superior quality shoe. It’s not been made by a machinist in a sweat shop somewhere, your shoes have been made by hand, in the workshop of the master shoemaker that you’ve chosen. Our own team here are proven master shoemakers and have years of experience when it comes to creating made to measure shoes. In fact we offer a range of solutions including made to measure mens shoes, made to measure womens shoes, custom built trainers, handmade theatrical footwear and bespoke orthotics all of which are available in a range of special materials and exotic skins. It’s this range of made to measure shoes that have established ourselves as one of the finest purveyors of bespoke footwear within London. And our wide range of materials and skins provide all of our customers with a truly unrivalled opportunity to create their perfect pair of shoes. Our team are committed to delivering the finest pair of shoes that you’ve ever worn and we never allow anything less than perfection to leave our workshop!

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Designed Your Way

Not only are every pair of made to measure shoes built better than the off the shelf variety but they offer you the opportunity to own a truly unique pair of shoes. At Special Footwear & Orthotics, when you come to us for your made to measure shoes our master shoemakers will work with you to ensure that your shoes are designed and built exactly how you want them. Are you looking for a pair in a specific type of leather? Perhaps you’re looking to use some of your own creative flair in the overall design. Whatever it is that you’re looking to do, our team are here to help you. Whatever colour you want, whatever style you want, your made to measure shoes will be made to your requirements. Delivering a truly unique pair of shoes that you can guarantee will not be imitated!

Made To Fit Your Feet

We know that this sounds obvious, but one of the biggest benefits of made to measure shoes is that they are exactly that, made to measure. Unlike off the shelf shoes, made to measure shoes offer your feet unparalleled support, comfort and reliability because they have been specifically created to your foot shape. You can even get made to measure shoes that have been created to help alleviate the pain you may be experiencing from any number of foot problems. This is something that you cannot find in an ‘off the shelf’ shoe. Sure, there are many options that offer better comfort, a wider fit or relief from foot pain but no shoe out there has been created specifically for your foot! That’s why, in our opinion, it’s always worth investing in at least one pair of made to measure shoes. The benefits you’ll experience cannot be replicated by an ‘off the shelf’ shoe.

Sounds Good, But What’s The Cost?

Not as much as you’re probably expecting. With Special Footwear & Orthotics, there is no set price for made to measure shoes. We know that sounds like we’re avoiding the question, but the price completely depends on what you want. Your choice of leather, materials and styles can all alter the overall price that you’ll pay. However, if you’re interested in investing in a pair of made to measure shoes then why not give us a call on 020 7486 4664 and discuss your requirements with our team!