Bespoke Shoes – How They Can Benefit You

When it’s time for new shoes there are 100’s, if not 1,000’s, of options available to you. What kind of footwear are you looking for, what’s their purpose? Do you need a dress shoe? A trainer? Looking for sandals? Perhaps you’re looking for a pair of boots. The choices available to you are almost endless. However, there’s one choice that many people overlook and don’t even consider. Bespoke shoes! Whilst the off the shelf brands offer various benefits, no shoe, trainer, boot or anything else can offer the benefits of truly bespoke shoes. We’re talking about footwear that has been made specifically for your feet and not just off the shelf shoes that are a ‘good’ fit. No ‘off the shelf’ option can offer the same experience of truly handmade, bespoke shoes that have been created specifically for your feet.

How Bespoke Shoes Benefit You?

There are a wide range of benefits to wearing bespoke shoes. Some of these are medical benefits however the true benefit of owning bespoke shoes, for us, if having shoes that have been created for your feet. No matter what brand of footwear you prefer, they are made to the brand specific styles and guidelines. And even though lots of the high-end footwear retailers now offer options to ‘create’ your own shoes, this level of creation is typically restricted merely to your design choices. The end product may have been designed by you, but it won’t have been created for your foot shape. It won’t take into account the width of your foot and the unique details that can only be found on your feet. Outside of this however, bespoke shoes still offer many benefits over the ‘off the shelf’ variety.

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Unparalleled Comfort

Because handmade, bespoke shoes are made to fit your feet, they offer a level of comfort that cannot be found in an ‘off the shelf’ shoe. Many people often refer to handmade shoes as ‘comfort shoes’ for this reason. Additionally, because they’ve been created for your feet, they allow for better weight distribution, better movement and will typically allow your feet to breathe better. All of this helps to create the perfect, most comfortable experience that any shoe will ever offer you.

Potential Health Benefits

Another benefit of bespoke shoes is that they can offer a wide range of medical benefits to the wearer. Because bespoke shoes are created specifically for your feet, they have been proven to help alleviate the pain and discomfort that is typically associated with certain foot problems and conditions. That isn’t to say that bespoke shoes provide a miracle cure for your foot problems. However, they will usually be created with your condition in mind. This means that they naturally offer improvements that the ‘off the shelf’ variety simply cannot match.

Unrivalled Variety & Uniqueness

When you get your bespoke shoes, you will have had complete input into the style of the shoe. You’ll also have input on the design of the shoe and the materials used in their construction. This means that your bespoke shoes are 100% truly unique and bespoke to you. And in today’s world, where everyone is looking for something to make them stand out, having truly unique footwear can offer you the edge that you’re looking for.

Additional Benefits

When you get a pair of bespoke shoes made, you will have them created from a cast of your foot. This is how we ensure that the shoes are made to fit your exact foot size. However, there is an additional benefit that they offer. Once your unique cast has been created from your foot, you will be able to repeat your order quickly in the future. It means that you can create and order new shoes when you need them. Having them custom made for you every time without having to go through the process of having a cast created every time. This guarantees that you’ll never need to worry about purchasing shoes that are merely a ‘good fit’ ever again!

How Can I Get My Bespoke Shoes?

If you’ve read this far, then you now know and understand the many benefits that bespoke shoes can offer. In fact, you’re probably itching to order your first pair right now. So, what’s the next step? Simply give our master shoemakers a call today on 020 7486 4664