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Just to let you know that thanks to you this is the first time I have worn a dress since my accident. I felt confident in my new shows and felt like a women again. My husband actually said he had his old Ann back. You will never know how I feel inside because of your kindness and understanding you are helping to give me some of my personality back and the shows are worth every penny and more to feel like that again.

Ann Paine

Irma Pilau from the Seychelles was born with a stump and could never wear modern or fashionable footwear. She came to London on holiday and passed the Special Footwear shop in New Cavendish Street. She went in for a free consultation. Tony Andrews explained how they could design and make footwear suitable for her needs. A week later she went in for a fitting. Tony Andrews made her a pair of black boots to accommodate her stump and a forepart to recreate her foot for balance. A second pair in brown was made later. These boots really did change Irma’s life. Now she can confidently wear jeans without anyone noticing the difference. Her self confidence grew, she met her boyfriend and now she’s married with a little boy! And all thanks to the generosity and skill of Tony Andrews and the Special Footwear team.

Irma Pilau

My daughter can now walk pain free, we are speechless with gratitude. She has had 36 years of foot pain and now walks on a cloud. It is an amazing result and thanks to you all.

Gill and Sarah Goodman

7 years ago I really needed help, my left arm and leg are 2 inches shorter than my right. My left foot is not fully formed and walking was profoundly difficult.Tony sat down with me and explained how he could make my left shoe from the inside so nobody would notice when I walked. Tony gave me the confidence to walk without people staring at me, but more importantly it has relieved my chronic back and arthritis pain and helped to reduce a lump that was growing on the crown of my left foot. I cannot recommend Tony enough. He will listen and give you the best shoemaking advice. I have bought 5 pairs of day shoes and 2 pairs styled as trainers and they look and feel great. Thank you Tony for helping to turn my walking ability around.

Mrs P Dallimore

Skipper Mike Luke a yachtsman had unfortunately been confined to cumbersome leg irons for over 20 years to keep him mobile. This caused him great stress and embarrassment on his travels as he was in constant pain and discomfort. We were able to make him a pair of trainers with built in orthotics to support his ankles and stabilise him so that he had no more need of the leg irons he believed he would wear for the rest of his life. Mr. Luke walked out of our shop wearing his new trainers holding his irons in his hand. He has subsequently reported back to us that his life has completely changed and he now has much more confidence, not only on his yacht, but also socially and finds himself enjoying a night out in the Mediterranean much more frequently.

Mike Luke

Having spent 25 years looking for an answer, visiting numerous hospitals, physios and podiatrists, spending thousands of pounds and trying all manner of insoles and pads, all to no avail. I walked past a shop in the West End of London and saw they had a computerised foot scanning machine with a huge display of different types of orthotics, orthopaedic footwear and casts in the window. The shop looked so professional and as the consultation was free I went to be assessed by their Senior Biomechanics Consultant. Only 3 days later I called in to collect my custom made orthotics, after only 10 minutes walking around the shop I knew my prayers had been answered! I couldn’t believe it, my new orthotics had changed my life forever. How lucky I was to walk past that shop. I would never have believed that a pair of custom made orthotics would completely eliminate the pain in my back, knees and ankles, it was a miracle.

John Harrity

Dr. C., as a child, with Sir Winston a family friend and she is now going to a Royal party wearing her elegant shoes made by us despite her problem feet.


Today I collected the lovely shoes that Robert made for me to wear at my daughter’s wedding and I would just like to say that I am delighted with them.   I know that Robert must have found it very challenging to create such elegant shoes as I have what an orthopaedic surgeon called “nightmare feet”  and I think he understood how important it is for me to feel just like any other smartly dressed Mother of the Bride on such an important day.   I really did not want to wear my normal built up shoes at the wedding and thanks to Robert, I will now feel comfortable and elegant in my outfit.   I cannot thank him enough to have made this happen for me and for all his hard work and efforts.  He really is a true craftsman.

Sue Burns

I dropped by at your shop last week with my very worn out orthotics.  You dug out my records and suggested a new cast should be made to update any changes prior to making me new ones.  The new ones have arrived and I am very happy with them: they are lighter and more comfortable than the previous pair.  I didn’t get the name of the consultant, but he told me he would be making the new orthotics.  He was very informative and interesting and I learned a lot about feet.  Please thank him for the excellent craftsmanship and speedy service.
Best wishes to your first class business.

Fransces Cole

Endorsements From Professionals And Others

Kathleen TurnerTony and his team made two pairs of shoes and one pair of sandals for me. I love them all. Best footwear, best service I’ve ever had.

Kathleen Turner – American Film and Stage Actress, Director

I can recommend Special Footwear & Orthotics for any custom made footwear and orthotics insoles for shoes. They have changed people’s lives with their expertise and skills in this field.

Miss B. J. A. Osteopath BSC (Hons), OST MED, DO, ND