Orthotics for Children and Infants

Many of our clients are parents’ who are seeking childrens orthotics insoles or orthopedic shoes for kids.  It has been our experience that proper care and treatment of the feet, beginning in childhood and infancy, will prevent many of the mechanical and orthopaedic problems seen in adults. Many children walk excessively pigeon-toed, flat footed, or bowlegged and, although they are not in pain, they are damaging their feet. For example:

Most babies begin life with their toes pointing slightly out. However, if the unborn baby lies with its feet pressed against the womb the wrong way, it can be born with its feet inward. Tripping in infants and young children may be the first sign of toeing in.

Many babies naturally appear flatfooted, but as the infant begins to stand and walk this will disappear.

Children with flat feet, low arches, may not be able to keep up with other children because of the strain that is added to their feet and legs.
As a child masters walking the medial arch begins to appear. All toddlers have flat feet because of a low angle of calcaneal inclination, by 5 to 6 years this angle has increased, and in most cases a medial longitudinal arch becomes apparent.

By around 6 years of age, your child should have normal arches in both feet. Children who appear flat-footed have a normal arch, but flatten it when they stand. This movement is called “pronation” and may cause painful symptoms and make the child tire easily. In this case specialist kid’s orthotics for children may be useful to improve the foot posture and also relieve painful symptoms. Contact us now for more information on our children orthotics insoles and orthopedic shoes for kids.

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