Flat Foot

Flat Foot

Are you looking for insoles for flat feet?

Okay first, let’s explain what flat foot is. Flat foot quite simply refers to the lack of arch in your foot when standing. This is generally a genetic condition that only requires treatment if it’s troublesome when exercising or standing for long periods.

Often there’s no obvious cause for flat feet. It might just be the way your feet are.

Sometimes flat feet run in families.

Rarely, they may be caused by:

  • the bones in the feet not growing properly in the womb
  • stretching of the tissues in your feet (possibly as a result of things like an injury, getting older or being overweight)
  • conditions affecting the muscles, nerves or joints in the whole body

When flat feet are causing pain, supportive, well-fitted shoes can help or custom insoles and orthotics can relieve pain and pressure on the foot.

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