Biomechanical Assessment

We investigate any issues you are experiencing and take a full medical history.

We take a closer look at the mechanics of the foot and other areas of the lower limb taking into account some or all of the areas detailed below:

  • Foot Posture Index
  • Arch height in both sitting and standing position
  • Foot pronation and pelvic stability
  • Joint range of movement: big toe, ankle, knee and hip
  • Locate any calluses on the foot as an indicator of pronation type, foot movement and any excessive pressures exerted when walking or running
  • Muscle length and flexibility of hamstring, calf, quads which may affect movement
  • Neural Dynamic Assessment to determine if the nervous system is causing any issues
  • Foot measurements in both prone state and standing
  • Standing posture to identify any knock knee, toe in or toe out and squinting patella

At this stage we apply markings down the back of the leg and heel in order to be able to carry out the assessment and necessary measurements more accurately of the foot alignment and also to assist the analysis.

By the end of this stage of the examination we will have a good understanding how the joints, muscles and nerves are functioning and how this may be impacting upon the gait or any other problems that are being experienced.