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Kids’ orthotics can prevent future foot problems

When a parent brings in a child with flat feet who is between ages 6 and 10, a flexible flatfoot is confirmed. If a child is 10 or older, the flexible flatfoot can be considered permanent, and long-term use of orthotics will be required to prevent future problems in the feet, lower extremities and spine. This is especially true for overweight or athletically active youngsters.

Orthotics can be worn in standard children’s shoes

Kids’ orthotic devices are effective in the treatment of children with foot deformities. Most podiatric physicians recommend that children and infants with such foot deformities begin to use orthitics as soon as possible after they start walking, to stabilize the foot. Our children’s orthotics can be placed directly into a standard children’s shoes and also children’s sports or athletic shoes.

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It takes five steps to produce a custom made children’s orthotic insole.

Susan's Story

Watch Anthony Andrews creating some custom made orthotics at our on-site London laboratory in our special footwear tour video.

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Children’s Orthotics Fabric Coverings

So many Fabrics to choose from!

Just a small selection of the materials we have collected from around the world that we keep here onsite in our workshop for covering your child’s custom made orthotic.

Children's Orthotics Fabrics

Your child can choose from the many varied and fun fabrics so that he or she will enjoy wearing their orthotics time and again.

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