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Special Footwear and Custom Orthotics

We make footwear that look fantastic, fit perfectly and make you feel good. Why not start the New Year with footwear that makes you feel good and look attractive.
  • Over 20,000 wonderful skins to pick from both colours and prints.
  • We specialise in problem feet.
  • Huge customer base of very happy customers.
  • Start to finish in 4 weeks or sooner if needed.

Don't put up with pain & discomfort

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Our central London shop is conveniently located in the heart of London’s West End at 12 New Cavendish Street, London W1 in between fashionable Marylebone High Street, and the world renowned Harley Street
Special Footwear Shop Front in London
Materials and Custom Made Footwear

Special Footwear

Let us solve your footwear problems. We make stylish custom-made orthopaedic shoes

Custom-made Orthotics

A complete range of bespoke orthotics care for adults and children

Do you suffer from bunions? You can still look stylish in your custom made shoes…

Orthopedic shoes recommended by the NHS to help those with foot problems, are much like the prescribed NHS spectacles of old – renowned for being functional and comfortable but sadly appear ugly and clunky.

Special Footwear in London, design modern and stylish custom made shoes for an array of conditions and occasions, from those needing shoes for rheumatoid arthritis, to those that are flat footed. A common condition in which clients benefit from our services, is those needing shoes for bunions.

According to recent research, upto 30% of the population (in western countries) will have a bunion at some point. The cause is often due to poor footwear and yet many still suffer wearing badly fitting shoes. This can actually make the bunion worse and intensify the pain.

We work alongside customers to co-design shoes, choosing their preferred leather, heel shape, height, colours and stitching – resulting in delighted clients who are no longer in pain and are also the proud owners of their own their own uniquely designed, bespoke pair of shoes!

Beware of inferior orthotics

Beware of inferior orthotics that if improperly prescribed can do more damage and can even cause serious injury. If you feel your current orthotics are not working for you and you are still in pain please bring them along and our qualified technicians will assess them for you.

Are your feet killing you


Kathleen Turner

“I suffer with bunions and hammer toes and arthritis in my feet. To look at my shoes you wouldn’t think so. I had three pairs of shoes, one pair of trainers and one pair of sandals, so far! I love them all. Best footwear, Best Service I’ve ever had.”


Elegant Shoes for problem feet

“Dr. C., as a child, with Sir Winston a family friend and she is now going to a Royal party wearing her elegant shoes made by us despite her problem feet.”


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