Tony Andrews Master Shoemaker

I was fascinated speaking to Tony Andrews Master Shoemaker and looking round his shop with the workshop on the premises.
He tells me he loves making shoes for ladies who can’t buy readymade footwear because of their problem feet. So many people wear heavy, ugly shoes but he prides himself on making ladies court shoes and other elegant styles, no matter what the shape of the foot.
He also likes to make attractive slip on shoes for men who may have a foot problem, as shoelaces can be a nuisance.
He has a Worldwide customer list, people from all walks of life, actors, celebrates and royalty (sorry, no names).
Tony will even visit you in your own home to take measurements, discuss style and show you a range of leathers; this does involve an extra charge but is a very popular option.
Please take a few minutes to browse through this website which has much more information about his various services or you can call him or one of his team on 0207 486 4664 to chat about any concerns you have.

Bespoke, handmade shoes and custom orthotics - any size, made according to your specific needs.

Our bespoke shoes are handmade to fit YOUR feet. So whether you have small feet or big feet we can design a shoe that fits and is comfortable to wear. We make any size shoe from an extra small shoe to extra large shoe as well as creating a shoe that is comfortable for all sorts of foot problems and conditions. Call us today to book your consultation.

Special Footwear

Let us solve your footwear problems. We make stylish custom-made orthopaedic shoes

Fed up with having to wear unattractive shoes due to your foot conditions?

Do you suffer from hammer toes or bunions, which have forced you to wear unattractive shoes for the sake of comfort? Or do you have a foot or leg deformity that up till now wearing normal looking shoes has been a dream?

We create, modern and stylish bespoke footwear according to your specific needs.

Call now for a quote.

Custom-made Orthotics

A complete range of bespoke orthotics care for adults and children

Reasonably priced – Call us first to discuss your needs!

  • Custom made orthotics £295 + VAT
  • Thorough personal consultation – FREE
  • Gait analysis – FREE
  • Posture analysis – FREE
  • Follow up and adjustments – FREE
  • You might be VAT exempt. Please ask – every bit helps in these tough times!


Kathleen Turner

“I suffer with bunions and hammer toes and arthritis in my feet. To look at my shoes you wouldn’t think so. I had three pairs of shoes, one pair of trainers and one pair of sandals, so far! I love them all. Best footwear, Best Service I’ve ever had.”


Elegant Shoes for problem feet

“Dr. C., as a child, with Sir Winston a family friend and she is now going to a Royal party wearing her elegant shoes made by us despite her problem feet.”