Foot Conditions

Why Do Foot Problems Start?

The foot possesses an amazing support mechanism. However, the low arch, pronating foot is simply unable to support itself as this system fails. As the force reaches its peak on the ball of the foot the heel lifts, the arch collapses and all supporting muscles and ligaments become susceptible to injury. Our feet support our whole body weight so when things go wrong this can cause problems elsewhere the body. At the same time, changes in body posture can lead to problems in the feet.

Corns, Bunions, Fallen Arches Or Heel Pain

If you suffer from obvious foot problems such as corns, bunions, fallen arches or heel pain there is 80% chance that you have or will develop a postural problem which can result in foot, hip, back or knee pain, which may lead to ‘wear and tear’ arthritis. Our Feet are more fundamental to our health than most people realise and treating them with care and respect will only benefit you in the long term.

If You Suffer From Painful Feet You Are Far From Being Alone.

Many people suffer from painful feet, but most wait until the pain becomes unbearable before addressing the problem. Our orthopaedic shoe specialists will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your individual needs and according to the severity of the foot pain or other problem.

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